Today I thought about the idea of “swallowing my pride.”  At first I didn’t know what it meant to swallow your pride.  So, my mom and I looked it up in an urban dictionary.  It means, “to accept that you have to do something that you think is embarrassing or that you think you are too good to do.”  Once I found out what it meant it was hard for me to think of times I’d swallowed my pride.  It was easier to name the times I hadn’t swallowed my pride.  It is hardest for me to swallow my pride when it comes to my brother.  It’s also hard to be humble when it comes to things I’m really good at, like art and writing.

I realized I struggle with swallowing my pride. I can do it, just not for writing or art. You see, writing and art, they’re special to me.  I have a project at school coming up.  It plays to my strengths. I was partnered with a cool friend. But, she is not the best at drawing. She said it herself.  I would like to make the poster by myself.  We also have to present the poster along with facts about the subject we chose.  I’m in a class made just for presenting and debating and stuff like that.  So, I feel like I’m good enough to do the presentation by myself too.  I feel like I don’t need a partner.

Maybe, just maybe this project isn’t as much about the subject.  It’s probably more about working with people you don’t know well and getting to be their friend.  I think I need to learn that a lot.  I feel like I want to do everything MY way.  

So I need to swallow my pride and let her in.  I need to let her make part of the poster.  I need to let her have half the speech.  

I need to do it, but I feel like I can’t.  I feel like I might loose my temper with her and blow it for us both. But I need to remember that people are more important than things or projects.  I may get a great grade, maybe ready for college already, but I will have failed at the test that matters most; the test of friendship.  Unless I keep working on that all the time, I will fail it every time.

I still struggle with it every day. Maybe even on some days, every hour.

Please comment with encouraging words and times you had to swallow your pride.



Last summer I learned a very important lesson when I visited a software company in Ann Arbor, MI. During the job interview process people are paired up to work on a problem/challenge. The candidates that make it to the next level are the people who work hard to make their partner look good. Another example of this is seen on the TV show, The Voice. The singers who are the most successful in the battle rounds are the ones who truly work with their partner to create something beautiful together. One last example is cartoon character, Captain Planet,, whose ecology fighters combine their powers to save the planet. “The Power is yours!” they say, but you can’t do it alone.

Emily, you are a very wise young lady and this is a lesson that will take a lot of practice to perfect. As a teacher, it is very important for me to help students learn how to be collaborative and share ideas. I have to swallow my pride and admit that I learn more from my students every day than I could possibly ever teach. Thanks for sharing your lessons with all of your readers.

Learning about yourself is a very good thing Emily. Many adults don’t have that kind of reflection about their actions. Stay focused and open. Listen to your heart. Happy day!

Hi Emily, this is a great example of swallowing your pride. I also was made to work with people that didn’t have the same high standards I had, but part of life is accepting that everyone may not be able to do everything as well as you do and being ok with it and including them anyway. I have had to do this a lot lately when I changed departments at work but I am finding that the people I was hesitant to work with actually do have very awesome talents in areas that I don’t have, and that it is always better to surround yourself with other talented people that can help you out. Do good and stay open to other’s talents!

Hi Emily–
I think that you are well on your way to dealing with this problem. It is when you are NOT thinking that one tends to get themselves in “deep water”. When you don’t know what to do, talk it out with your Mom or in your blog, as you just did. I think that you are on the right path.

Love you! Grandpa

I finally can communicate with you. I thought this blog was great. My words to you are of encouragement in the sense that every time you want to do things YOUR way, say a little prayer and ask God to help you become more humble. It works and you will be successful. I love you, Nana

Emily Grace, you are amazing and I love you and your self awareness will take you so far in life. To be able to recognize your limitations and to spend your time and energy swallowing your pride and working on your limitations rather than patting yourself on the back for your achievements. You inspire me every day to recognize the good in other people and to complement them with my talents rather than trying to do it all myself!

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