Don’t Let Fear Stop You.

Okay, I’m back! I seem to have an issue with loosing power cables. This is my 2nd.

To update you to my totally awesome life, I gave a speech a while ago at school. My teacher obviously heard it. She…               LOVED IT!!!!!!

Well, she asked me if I would present my speech for her Toastmasters Group. At the time I was exited, so I said yes. In preparation for my speech, I began saying it to anyone who would listen.

It came time for Toastmasters. I loved it! But when my speech approached I could barely move.

Alright. Here comes the lesson:

We need to OVERCOME OUR FEARS. Even if you’re afraid you can’t let that STOP YOU!!!!!!!


* If you’re speaking and nervous I have 4 tips for you.

1.  Look over the audience’s heads. It gives the illusion that you’re making eye contact.

2.  Focus on one thing until you’re comfortable with the audience. I twiddled my thumbs.

3. Act like it’s for fun. Don’t even think unhappy thoughts. Like my mom always says, “Look for rainbows, not the rain.”

4.  Don’t forget to take big breaths.

I was scared at first.  I thought I would cry my eyes out and run off the stage.  I accomplished all my own tips (1, 2, 3, and 4) and it turned out to be a great speech.  Everyone cheered!

I hope you loved my post. Come back soon.


Tunnel Vision

I want it now! When are you gonna look at it! What did you mean “later”? A decade, a year, a month, a week, a day?!

When your saying that, you have what we call Tunnel Vision. I have lot’s and lot’s of trouble with tunnel vision. Just last night, my friends were playing a game called “Stardoll”. They wouldn’t let me have a turn. I have been asking my parents if I could play that game all day. I have TUNNEL VISION!!!!!!


Usually I’d have to think about having tunnel vision or hear the words tunnel vision to realize I had tunnel vision. But sometimes I just have to have someone tell me I have it. Today my dad had to tell me I had it!  If you have any suggestions about how to realize I have tunnel vision,  please tell me! I struggle the most with the realizing part.


Getting out of tunnel vision is easy. I just think of things being at the worst:  like our house being burned up while mom or dad are on an errand, or I get burned up in an over by a witch cooking me, or get stolen. It puts things in perspective for me. How lucky I am even without what I want.


My kid’s Guide to Blogging

I’ve written many posts.  And I want other children to feel the excitement of having a blog.

I’ve come to the conclusion of making a small guide, a small eBook on how to blog for children like me, children who like to write.

I’ll be going over

  • getting started with WordPress,
  • getting over fear that people don’t like your blog,
  • how to get ideas,
  • how to encourage people with your blog,
  • how to connect the lesson to your life and more!

I have 2 questions for you:

Would you buy it for 5$ and would you tell your friends about it?

❤ Emers

California: A State To Remember

Bye bye home, hello Sacramento!

These next few blogs are gonna be about my CA trip. We’ll be in THE STATE CAPITOL, THE JELLY BELLY FACTORY, THE DELTA  AREA, MONTERY, SAN SIMION, SANTA BARBRA and HOME. Today we’re in Sacramento with my grandparents.

Today was quite a day.

I woke up at 7 in the morning and shortly after Christian did too. We played quietly in the spare room that Grandma gave us. We waited for everyone to wake up. After what felt like hours we went to cuddle Mom. Minutes later we were at the table eating many different cereals for breakfast. We played with P.C (princess cat) and left the house.

First we went to Sutter’s Fort. We saw Patty Reed’s doll. She was tiny! We saw canons and guns and I got a bonnet. I ate a bunch of Tic Tacs. Then we drove to Old Sacramento. I learned Sacramento was built over an old flooded Sacramento. I saw the school house and we got lot’s of candy. They burned our mouth’s and Mom said after the train museum we could get more.

In the train museum we saw a movie 20 minutes long and checked out a million trains and went upstairs to see toy trains. We went to the gift shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything.

We went to the candy store, like Mom promised. Christian got Tic Tacs and I got fizzy candy that tastes like soda. I can’t have soda, so I use these.

We came home and my bonnet saved me from the rain. That is all I wanted to say about rain ’cause rain is a boring subject.

I learned Patty’s Doll was teeny and I had no idea Sacramento was built on another city. I never knew four men planned the railroad. I didn’t know boys and girls were not allowed to together at school. Mostly I learned sight seeing is tiring.

Peace Out


Star of India: A Chance of a Lifetime!


I was waking up when all of a sudden I jumped with excitement. For that day I’d be going onto a 150 year old ship.

(Here I am, not too sure about all this!)

I packed all my gear, like raincoats and beanies and sleeping bags. I loaded everything into a black trash bag with my name taped onto it. I carried it out to the car and Mom hoisted it into the back. After a long drive, that took til’ 2:00 pm, we finally reached the port. There, Mom waited a while then left me with a bunch of kids I’d never even seen. I was really nervous. I made friends with my fellow students and waited about an hour to go to the restrooms (on a boat it is called a head). I went and came back. We waited another hour til’ 3pm. Finally we boarded the ship.

We met the crew, a man named Mr.Goodall, 1st mate, Mr.White, Mr.Robinson, Mr.Miller, and the captain, Captain Sir. Lastly we met Cookie. He told us how he’d fix our fingers by cutting them up if we hurt them. Captain Sir taught us ship discipline and how to clean up after ourselves and him. Mr.Miller spilled water on us with Mr.Robinson. Mr.White showed us his cat (Whip) while Mr.Goodall was to teach us to hang lines (rope). Mr.Miller put us in the boatswain’s chair (I’m a boatswain, which is pronounced boa-sin.) Later on, Captain Sir taught us about cargo.

In the evening we learned a sailor’s jig and Cookie told us a story, on a boat it’s called “spinning twine.” Then came the nasty “Nasty Watch.”

It wasn’t too nasty for me. We read letters from our families and responded to them, we learned how to make 3 different knots, kept watch and wrote stories for Captain Sir. Then, we slept.

I had time to think of how everyone had been so nice. One kid always made me laugh, while some talked to me and had fun with me and worked with me. And I realized I was wrong about the world, people are kind and nice, not cruel. I hope you’ll find friends too and let them into your heart. I hope you’ll  face things you don’t want to and stand up to it.

The next day we ate and got to work. And eventually, after hours of work, we came off the ship to our parents and got our certificates so we can come onto ships in that area for free.  YAY!!




(Me an my new friends.)


Through this experience I learned that I was stronger and braver than I thought I was. I was able to lift a 100 lb cargo with a pulley to help. I was brave to step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know anybody. I found humans are friendly.


Lies, Lies and Even More Lies

We all lie. Sometimes for good reasons, and sometimes bad. Sometimes their just in the middle. White lies, bald face lies, lies to get ourselves out of trouble.

I really struggle with lying. My top 2 categories I struggle with are WHITE LIES and LIES TO GET OUT OF TROUBLE. I struggle when I’m right on the verge of huge trouble. When I’m about to get my butt spanked right off of me. (Ok, I don’t really get spanked, but I feel like I might!)  I also struggle when I feel like my options are to lie or hurt someones feelings. So, from life expirience I’m going to give you some advice. No pressure, you don’t have to take my advice, but here it is.


I struggle with the white lie. How can I get out of this situation without hurting the person’s feelings or lying. White lies are used for good, but just like every other lie, they lie.  I don’t always remember them ’cause I useally think their okay to say. I get past those lies quick because I feel like thier not bad. But when me and my mom were talking about how to write this up and what to say and all , she said that white lies were bad. WHAT THE WHAT!!! I’ve always told white lies and now she tells me their bad. My whole life I’ve told white lies thinking if it made the person feel better it was okay. I need to get to a place where I can be honest, but not feel like I’m hurting the person’s feelings.


Sometimes we want to look good, so we lie.Your friend says she went hang gliding over the summer. Do you say “cool” or “I was at big bear skiing.” My mom told me in 2nd  grade she told a million lies. She felt like her life wasn’t exiting so she lied. When a child went to CA she had to be in in AZ, when a child couldn’t talk all of the sudden she couldn’t either. I don’t usually tell this kind of lie.But when I tell this lie, after a while I feel shameful.


I use this lie a lot. I don’t want to be grounded or spanked or punished. Honestly, sometimes  I blame it on someone else. I either fully lie this lie or not tell the whole truth. I feel very shameful when I use this lie. Sometimes I feel so shameful,that at the happiest times I feel sad. The only solution I have for this lie is don’t do bad things so you never need it. I still struggle with it today.


Confronting is when you put someone face to face with something. For example when you say “that’s a lie” to someone you know is lying. If you happen to know someone is lying you might confront the person who is lying.Do you confront it when someone says something you know is a lie?  Well, I think it kind of depends on who it is.  If it’s my brother, yeah, I’d confront him.  It’s easy to confront him.  But confronting my friends, that’s different.  I don’t want them to not like me, so I let them lie.  I don’t want to have to get into that situation.

Do you confront people?

😀 Emers Lemers

I would like to introduce to you an amazing friend of mine. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s everything a person could ask for in a friend. Her name is Rachel.

She is a blogger at Under The Tapestry. She teaches me things I never knew before.Rachel is a scientist in WI. She comes to Cabo San Lucas with our family in October each year. We met because Rachel’s husband, Seth, works with my dad, Chris Lema. 

But, what really makes Rachel special to me is the way she has always been my friend, my BFF, my forever friend.

She does science experiments with me when she could just be hanging out with my parents. But every time we see each other, she hangs out with me. She blogs about me when she could blog about something else.

Everyone says I’m  a “mini” her. I think it’s because we like the same things (books, Harry Potter, rocks, geodes, etc.)  The first time we met, when I was 9 months old, we played with rocks together! And we even look kinda like each other. It’s true, I’m just like her, like she was born again. (Sometimes I think they just cloned me!) Rachel inspires me to keep going and to work hard. She is my everything. I wanna be just like her. (like I said, I pretty much already am)

Can you tell she is like, amazing. (if you can’t, read this post all over again)

                                                                                                                 ❤ EMERS LEMERS

Today I thought about the idea of “swallowing my pride.”  At first I didn’t know what it meant to swallow your pride.  So, my mom and I looked it up in an urban dictionary.  It means, “to accept that you have to do something that you think is embarrassing or that you think you are too good to do.”  Once I found out what it meant it was hard for me to think of times I’d swallowed my pride.  It was easier to name the times I hadn’t swallowed my pride.  It is hardest for me to swallow my pride when it comes to my brother.  It’s also hard to be humble when it comes to things I’m really good at, like art and writing.

I realized I struggle with swallowing my pride. I can do it, just not for writing or art. You see, writing and art, they’re special to me.  I have a project at school coming up.  It plays to my strengths. I was partnered with a cool friend. But, she is not the best at drawing. She said it herself.  I would like to make the poster by myself.  We also have to present the poster along with facts about the subject we chose.  I’m in a class made just for presenting and debating and stuff like that.  So, I feel like I’m good enough to do the presentation by myself too.  I feel like I don’t need a partner.

Maybe, just maybe this project isn’t as much about the subject.  It’s probably more about working with people you don’t know well and getting to be their friend.  I think I need to learn that a lot.  I feel like I want to do everything MY way.  

So I need to swallow my pride and let her in.  I need to let her make part of the poster.  I need to let her have half the speech.  

I need to do it, but I feel like I can’t.  I feel like I might loose my temper with her and blow it for us both. But I need to remember that people are more important than things or projects.  I may get a great grade, maybe ready for college already, but I will have failed at the test that matters most; the test of friendship.  Unless I keep working on that all the time, I will fail it every time.

I still struggle with it every day. Maybe even on some days, every hour.

Please comment with encouraging words and times you had to swallow your pride.


Friday Morning Traditions


Every Thursday night I walk into my room and stay and clean ’till the floor is spotless. You might wonder why.

It begins on Friday morning when I’ll wake-up super quick, get dressed super fast, wake-up Mom, rush downstairs,eat a cereal breakfast. Then we wait like a minute and, drum-roll, open the door. Outside, two women always stand. Pam and Tana!!!!

Great friends. They tell us to clean our rooms and they teach us to make proper piles. They even encouraged me to clean my room DRAMATICALLY.

My room used to be a wreck. Trust me. A WRECK!! Clothing, on the floor. Toys, in bookshelf, on the floor, all over desk and window. Hangers, EVERYWHERE (for some reason I have an obsession with hangers)! You get the idea.

So your thinking they’re here to clean, yes but no. Well, actually, they are here to have coffee with Mom and to talk with her, but especially to be her friend. Talking about family (no they are not our family. Our friend’s family) and life. That, I can see, is friendship. And friendship is the real deal.

So, thanks to Pam and Tana, the whole house is so much cleaner and so much better. Plus having friends around the house on lonely Friday mornings is awesome.

A Ransom Note For Daddy!!!!!!


I stole your heart. I did. You even said it. No take-backs. And I’m holding it  for ransom. I don’t want money. I want :

  • 12 jars of Jelly Bellies
  • Barbies
  • dolls
  • dresses
  • paints
  • art supplies
  • paper
  • pens
  • pencils
  • books
  • iPad
  • iPod 5 (blue)
  • iPhone 5 c (pink)
  • footy pj’s 
  • skirts/skorts
  • Barbie cruise ship (you can find it on amazon)
  • office
  • MacBook
  • better upgrade on my blog!
  • spy desk
  • make up ( baby lips and blush)!!!
  • posters

I want to get married before I’m 83 etc.

So if you want your heart back, go to  Barns & Noble, meet the little girl in a purple and black polka dot dress, give her the stuff, she’ll perform the magic spell to give you your heart back. Do this by 4-20-14 or your heart stays with me. Do it  by 4-25-14 or your heart go’s in flames. (not literally, Mom won’t let me turn on the burners and our fireplace wont flame up.)

                                                                                                                                                                       E L:end of note


So this is the ransom note I’m sending my dad. I hope he falls for this trick.

Oh man, dad I hope you can’t read through that line.

Oh no. I just gave him an idea.


                                               Yours Greedily,

                                                                         Emers Lemers